Mushroom lover’s Dinner Date at Ebisu 『 MUSHROOM 』

Mushroom Mushroom Mushroom!! So much![Source: Tabelog]

Mushroom lover’s Date at Ebisu 「 MUSHROOM 」

Are you a mushroom lover?

At Ebisu you have mushroom speciality restaurant, called 『 Mushroom 』, where they provide various types of mushrooms from all around Japan.

Here, you can enjoy French based cuisine, mainly using different kind of mushrooms.

If your girl has certain interest towards mushrooms, this is the place to go.

So, how many times did I use “mushroom” already??


Dating Tips at Ebisu「 MUSHROOM 」

Egg mushroom dinner date ebisu tokyo[Source: Tabelog]

Encountering with mushrooms that you have never seen

As the name suggests, this restaurant offers various types of mushrooms, and we are pretty sure that there are some mushrooms that you have never seen.

The picture above is 「Amanita caesarea’s risotto (1,575yen)」, but have you ever heard of the word “Amanita caesarea”?

It’s a type of mushroom that looks like “eggs”, so we Japanese call it “egg mushroom”. (pic below)

Amanita caesarea Ebisu mushroomAmanita caesarea [Source: Siretoko Tourist]

This is just an example, but you’ll discover lot more new types of mushrooms. (If you are not the master of mushroom. )

It’ll be fun, sharing info with your partner by using smartphones to see what you are actually eating.


Mushroom lover's date at Ebisu[Source: Tabelog]

Just leave the decision of mushrooms to them.

As we have stated, we have no idea what kind of mushrooms are seasonal nor what kind of mushrooms matches to your taste.

So, we recommend you to have a course menu and just entrust mushroom masters in the store.

You have 3 choices of course….

  • 4 dishes + cafe prefixed course 5,500yen
  • 5 dishes + cafe prefixed course 6,800yen
  • Mushroom Special course   from 7,000yen ~

The recommendation is definitely 「Mushroom Special Course 」.
It has to be booked beforehand and the restaurant would organize original course according to your budget.

TEL: 03-5489-1346

Details of mushroom speciality restaurant「 MUSHROOM 」

MUSHROOM Date for mushroom lovers[Source: Tabelog]

Opening Hours:
Mondays DAY OFF
Tue ~ Sun
Lunch  12am ~ 3:30pm
Dinner 6:30pm ~ 11:30pm

TEL: 03-5489-1346

Budget: 7,000yen (63USD)

5min walk from Ebisu Station
7min walk from Daikan-yama Station

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