No Wagyu, No Life. Ebisu Dinner Date at『 89BAL 』

89 Don Ebisu Date89 Don 2,000yen [Instagram: @mori_taku6]

No Wagyu, No Life. Wagyu Dinner Date at Ebisu「 89BAL 」

Wagyu is something that you cannot miss if you come to Japan.

Wagyu in general, is a bit pricy, so you might be worried if you have chosen the right store.

But today, we’ve chosen the certified one for you, just in case that you don’t waste your money, by eating pseudo Wagyu in a important date.

In Ebisu「 89 BAL 」, all the meats are, of course, from Japan, and well selected by Yamase Kensaku, who call himself as Master of Meat.

It’s a luxurious hobby or paradise, where only adults are allowed to enter.


Dating Tips at Ebisu「 89 BAL 」

Tataki Jutan at 89 Bal ebisu dateWagyu Tataki Jutan 1,480yen [Instagram: @89bal_ebisu]

meat! Meat! MEAT!!

There are bunch of good menus available here. As it stated, all the meats are carefully selected by Master of Meat, so there is no need to worry about the taste.

It’s just specutacler, you’ll never regret it.

Here is our recommendation…

  • 89 Don 2,000yen

    89 Don Ebisu Date[Instagram: @mori_taku6]

    It has bunch of meats on top of the rice. It’s super gigantic ! The meats keeps getting on the way when you try to reach rice.

  • Wagyu Tataki Jutan 1,480yen

    Tataki Jutan at 89 Bal ebisu date[Instagram: @89bal_ebisu]

    It uses the Wagyu shank meat and burned surface of it while keeping soft inside. When you chew it, the Umami (taste of meat) keep coming out.

  • Wagyu Akami 3 types 5,800yen

    Ebisu 89 Bal Dinner Wagyu Date TokyoWagyu Akami 3 types 5,800yen [Instagram: @juliqueur]

    It has 3 types of lean(red) meat. The types would vary depends on the day, but the taste is not just a meat, Wagyu is way beyond the definition of meat.


And side menus??

  • Truffle TKG (Tamago Kake Gohan) 1,280yen

TKG Tamago Kake Gohan 89BAL Ebisu Dinner dateTruffle TKG 1,280yen [Instagram: @89bal_ebisu]

TKG (Tamago Kake Gohan) literally means “rice with raw egg”. It’s kind of Japanese common way to eat rice. But in here, you’ll have Wagyu and truffle on top of TKG. That’s something that we, Japanese cannot resist to order.

  • Hayashi Rice 480yen

Curry Beef Tail at Wagyu 89 Bal TokyoHayashi Rice 480yen [Instagram: @89bal_ebisu]

It’s a Japanese style curry. It only offer 10 Hayashi rice a day, so it’ll be lucky if you can get one.

Details of Ebisu 「 89 BAL 」

89 BAL Dating at Ebisu outside[Instagram: @89bal_ebisu]

Opening Hours:
weekdays 6pm ~ 1am
weekends, holidays 5pm ~ 11pm

TEL: 03-6432 -5993

Budget: 6,000yen

Official Website:
89 BAL Official

10min walk from Ebisu Station

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