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Ping Pong Date at 『 Shibuya Table Tennis Club (渋谷卓球倶楽部)』

Table tennis with drink Shibuya[Instagram: @yukina18]

Exciting Ping Pong Battle Date at 「 Shibuya Table Tennis Club (渋谷卓球倶楽部)」


Playing sports together makes people get along faster.
It’s exciting, and having fun together just veils off the barriers that people usually have.

In here at 「 Shibuya Table Tennis Club (渋谷卓球倶楽部)」, you can enjoy playing table tennis with some alcohols, snacks, in a modern atmosphere.

Surprisingly, it’s just 3min away from Shibuya Station and open till 5am in the morning.  And, you don’t need any equipment because they have free shoes & rackets renting.

So are you ready to play Ping Pong with your girl??


Dating Tips at 「 Shibuya Table Tennis Club 」

Table Tennis with alcohols[Instagram: @tymrtic]

Drinking while playing Ping Pong?

If you go to some place like gym to play table tennis, you cannot drink alcohol while playing it.

But 「 Shibuya Table Tennis Club 」is one of the few places that you can actually drink and play ping pong.

So, take some drink and make your table tennis experience more exciting!


Shibuya Ping Pong Club Dating in Shibuya[Instagram: @shina1401]

Don’t just beat her or beaten by her …

Well, some people are actually pretty good at playing table tennis.

However, the aim of coming here is not just winning, but to enjoy.

So try having a good game rather than one-sided game, in any ways, like giving some handicap to have an equal chance of winning !


Tokyo Shibuya Dating Table Tennis Popcorn[Instagram: @lisaokumakuma]

So who is the loser??

It might be interesting to give the loser penalty. We call it “Batsu-Game(罰ゲーム)”, which literally means “penalty game”.

For example, the winner gets free pizza in next date, or the loser has to obey one thing that the winner orders. Well, it’s just a game, so don’t make it too serious 😜

But having some penalty makes the match more exciting.


Details of 「 Shibuya Table Tennis Club 」

Shibuya Table Tennis Club Date[Instagram: @magayuu]


Opening Hours:
everyday 10am ~ 5:30am

weekdays 10am ~ 7pm →  700yen/30min
Other → 1,000yen/30min
(Some seasons they offer one day pass called “EST PASS” that you can enjoy not only table tennis but also Karaoke, bowling, pool. Should ask if it’s available. )

3min walk from Shibuya Station 
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