Posh French Gyoza Bar Date at Aoyama『 Gyoza Bar comme a Paris 』

Gyoza Bar with wine[Instagram: @meguchocomint]

Posh French Gyoza Bar Date at Aoyama「 Gyoza Bar comme a Paris 」

You know if you search for a place to eat Gyoza, you’ll find a lot of Ramen restaurant, Chinese restaurant, or Izakaya, which is not romantic at all !

But in here at「 Gyoza Bar comme a Paris 」, the atmosphere and the foods are more than classy enough to use as a dating spot.

This store is located in Aoyama (between Shibuya and Omotesando), and “comme a Paris” literally means “like Paris”, so you can enjoy wine and French style foods.

By the way, usually Gyoza contains a lot of garlic, which makes your mouth smells bad, but in here, they don’t use garlic inside Gyoza, so you can actually kiss your girl even after eating Gyoza 😜

 Dating Tips at Aoyama「 Gyoza Bar comme a Paris 」

Inside Gyoza Bar comme a Paris[Source: Tabelog]

What are the menus??

  • Pork Gyoza 550yen(肉ギョウザ Niku Gyoza)
  • Vegetable Gyoza 520yen (野菜ギョウザ Yasai Gyoza)
  • Boiled Gyoza 550yen(水ギョウザ Mizu Gyoza)
  • Gyoza with Coriander  680yen(パクチーのせギョウザ Paku-chi no-se Gyoza)
  • Gyoza with Grated Daikon 600yen(大根おろしのせギョウザ Daikon-Oroshi Gyoza)
  • Gyoza with Japanese Ginger  640yen(みょうがのせギョウザ Myo-ga no-se Gyoza)
  • Onion soup Gratin Gyoza 920yen (オニオンスープグラタンギョウザ Onion Soup Gratin Gyoza)

The most recommended menus are 「Pork Gyoza」of course, and 「Gyoza with Coriander」and 「Onion soup Gratin Gyoza」!

Gyoza with Coriander 680yen

Gyoza Bar comme a Paris Dating spot Shibuya[Instagram: @tokyodayout]

Onion Soup Gratin Gyoza 920yen

Onion Gratin Gyoza Bar Aoyama[Source: GyozaBar comme a Paris Official Website]

Don’t forget the wine !

As it’s called 「Gyoza Bar comme a Paris 」, they offer glass wines.

It’s from 600yen per glass, and strangely those Gyozas will match quite well with wines.
But if you want to drink some beer, it’s okay, they have bottle beers.

Gyoza Bar 3 french style sauces[Source: Tabelog]

That’s classy.  3 French Style Sauces

Most importantly, they have 3 special Gyoza sauces that makes Gyoza taste different and French.

  • Ginger Garlic Tomato Sauce
  • White Miso and Herb Vinegar Sauce
  • Black Pepper Chili Sauce

Dipping Gyoza into those sauces will make it very modern.


Details of 「 Gyoza Bar comme a Paris 」

Gyoza bar outside comme a paris[Instagram: @kmc0218]

Opening Hours:
Mon ~ Sat  4pm ~ 11:45pm
Sundays day off

3,000yen (26USD)

15min walk from Shibuya Station
10min walk from Omotesando Station

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