Posh Japanese Traditional Cuisine Izakaya at Shinjuku『Semishigure(蝉時雨)』

Semishigure Shinjuku Tokyo dating[Source: Hitosara]


2min walk from Shinjuku South exit, there is a private room Izakaya where they provides Japanese traditional style cuisines with various types of Sake.

Shinjuku 「Semishigure」gets fresh fishes every morning directly from fish market. Those fresh fishes Sashimi will make the dinner more gorgeous and delicious.

Tokyo Dating Tips at Shinjuku「Semishigure」

Semishigure Shinjuku Izakaya Dating[Source; Tabelog]

Course menus suggested


Ordering course menu here are recommended.

They have course menus that starts from 4,000yen minimum to 6,500yen maximum.

  • 【Moon course】 including “Special chicken hot pot”   4,500yen
  • 【Hana course】 including “Fresh fishes Sashimi”   5,000yen
  • 【VIP course】 including “Chicken hot pot & Sashimi”  6,000yen


Semishigure 蝉時雨 Shinjuku Sake[Source: Tabelog]

Various types of Sake and alcohols


They have variety of alcohols to enjoy with Japanese style cuisines.

Sake, Japanese style alcohol, of course, is the best choice that matches with Japanese cuisines, but there are also Japanese regional alcohols from all over Japan.


Shinjuku Semishigure Inside seats Izakaya Tokyo[Source: tabelog]

Private room Izakaya


Usually, when you go to Izakaya, the rooms or seats are not exactly divided so we have to talk in a louder voice if neighbors are loud.

However, at this place Shinjuku「Semishigure」, each rooms are divided by wall, so you can enjoy your date without caring neighbors glaze, in a relatively quiet environment.

Shinjuku 「Semishigure」

Shinjuku Semishigure outside entrance[Source: Tabelog]

Opening Hours:

4pm ~ 12pm

4pm ~ 12:30pm


3,500yen (32USD)




2min walk from Shinjuku Station

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