Real Charcoal grilled Fishes with Sake Dating at Shinjuku【KanAgari】

kan agari Tokyo Dating fish grilled[Source: tabelog]


The name「KanAgari (燗アガリ)」indicates that when Japanese sake is being boiled, it makes the taste way better.

As the name suggests, they provide the best Sakes from all around Japan with Japanese style charcoal grilled dishes.

By ordering fresh fishes directly from fish market everyday, those grilled fishes are just splendid.

Tokyo Dating Tips at Shinjuku「KanAgari」

Tokyo Shinjuku KanAgari charcoal[Source: Tabelog]

Charcoal grilled fishes !


“Today’s charcoal grilled whole fish” is the most popular menu in here 「KanAgari」. It changes day by day, according to seasons, weathers, or fish market’s situation.

While the taste of fishes varies from one fish to another, the chef in here also use different salts for different fishes. Not many restaurants has many kinds of salts in a kitchen.

Usually, they have around 5 fish types to chose from, and thus the price vary as well.

Crispy outside, but soft inside, with the best chosen salt, would definitely make you smile.


Rice at AkaAgari Shinjuku Dating[Source: hitokara]

The best rice with it!


Rice is something that Japanese people need to live. For us, “No rice, No life”.

And thus, there are a lot of competitions around Japan to choose which one is superior on another.

The rice made in Gunma prefecture Minakami region by 「Mr.Honda」is known as the best rice in Japan, because it has won so much rice competitions in Japan. And here at Shinjuku「KanAgari」, they have direct contract with that guy and that lets them to send directly to this store, and the rice will be cooked by iron pot (pic above) once you’ve ordered.

Mr. Honda’s rice

  • Small size for 1 person  1,080yen
  • Large size for 2 person  1,880yen


TokyoNuru Kan Japanese Sake at KanAgari[Source: Tabelog]

Great quality rice, fishes, but don’t forget Sake


Having great fishes, and rice, and then satisfied?

But don’t forget Japanese sake in here!

Usually, in restaurants where they provide Sake, you can choose either hot one, or cold one. But in here you can try the warm one!

They addresses that the warm Sake is the best way to drink Sake rather than hot or cold ones.

Nuru Sake Kan Tokyo KanAgari Dating[Souce: Hitosara]


Those warm Sakes are made from the special machine above to warm it up until certain temperature. It’s more formal than other stores, because most of the stores warm it up by microwave.



KanAgari Shinjuku inside fishes grilled[Source: Hitokara]

Opening hours:

5pm ~ 12pm
4pm ~ 12pm


4,500yen (40USD)




10min walk from Shinjuku Station
5min walk from Seibu Shinjuku Station

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