Real Live Music Performance Date at Ginza『Ore no Italian Jazz』

Shinbashi Ore no Italian Jazz Dating Live[Source: Tabelog]


「Ore no Italian JAZZ」is located in Shinbashi near Ginza, and one of the 「Ore no ~ 」restaurant series produced by “Ore no Ltd”.

“Ore no” restaurants are famous for high quality food with casual price. They employ qualified chef to enhance their food quality, but 「Ore no Italian JAZZ」is one of the few “Ore no” restaurant where they have real music live performance.

Tokyo Dating Tips at 「Ore no Italian JAZZ」

Ore no Italian Ginza Shinbashi Tokyo Dating[Instagram:]

Qualified Italian foods


As it’s mentioned, they have qualified Italian foods cooked by qualified chefs. They have great pastas, pizzas, roast meats, and appetizers.

Appetizers price starts from 480yen and even main dishes like roast beef, pizzas, pastas doesn’t cost more than 1,500yen.

Isn’t it customer friendly??


Ore no Italian JAZZ Tokyo Dating Spot[Instagram: @nemui_yo64]

Live performance with alcohols


Drinking some alcohols while listening to live music performance is one of the most gorgeous moment that we could ever imagine.

They have champagnes, wines, dessert wines, and more, so don’t forget to have little drink with great music and foods.


Tokyo Dating Ginza Ore no Italian Live performance[Instagram: @rm_footsteps]

JAZZ live with good Italian


The main thing, live music performance at 「Ore no Italian JAZZ」is 20min performance and held 4 times a day.

They have music charge of 300yen, but letting us listen to the real music with that price is a good deal.


  • 6pm ~ 6:20pm
  • 7:40pm ~ 8pm
  • 8:50pm ~ 9:10pm
  • 10pm ~ 10:20pm


Details of Shinbashi「Ore no Italian JAZZ」

Ore no Italian JAZZ Ginza going out[Source: Tabelog]
Store name Ginza Ore no Italian Jazz
Opening Hours 【Lunch】 12am ~ 2:30pm
【Dinner】 5pm ~ 11:30pm
Music LIVE Time Table 6pm ~ 6:20pm
7:40pm ~ 8pm
8:50pm ~ 9:10pm
10pm ~ 10:20pm
Budget Lunch 1,000yen (9USD)
Dinner 4,000yen (36USD)
TEL 03-6280-6266
Google Map

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