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Relaxing Picnic Date at Shinjuku?? 『 Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden 』

Shinjuku Gyoen Dating Spot[Instagram: @fi_kinochan_]

Relaxing Picnic Date at the Center of Shinjuku?? 「 Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden 」


Are you tired with dating at crowded places in Tokyo??

Only 15min walk from Shinjuku Station, you can find 58 hectare green paradise at the center of Shinjuku.

In here at 「 Shinjuku Gyoen National Park 」, you’ll see 3 styles of gardens, which are French, Japanese, British style.

It’s has different view in each seasons, so you can enjoy doing picnic at each seasons with different attraction.


Dating Tips for 「 Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden 」

Bare foot date[Instagram: @seiko_yoga]

Take your shoes off and feel the globe!

This park, as the name suggests, is owned by the country, so it’s well conditioned than other parks around Tokyo.

So that’s why you can actually take your shoes off, and feel the glass.

Feeling the globe from your bare feet will definitely reduce daily stress.


Shinjuku Isetan Department Basement DEPACHIKA[Source: KAKIMOTO DINING]


Buying goodies at DEPACHIKA

If you are planning to come to 「 Shinjuku Gyoen Park 」, you should buy some sandwiches or some little foods to enjoy inside the park.

To buy some of those goodies, Shinjuku Isetan Department’s basement floor might be a good choice. It’s called “DEPA CHIKA”, and you’ll find a variety of high quality foods like Bento Box (lunch box) or breads.

Isetan Department Shinjuku Location (LINK)

Also, when you decide to eat some food at 「 Shinjuku Gyoen Park 」, don’t forget to buy PICNIC SHEET !

You can buy picnic sheet at the nearest 100yen store at MARUI ANNEX (LINK)


Shinjuku Gyoen the Garden of Words Shinkai Makoto[Source: animehoudai]


The great movie associated with 「 Shinjuku Gyoen National Park 」

If you came to visit 「 Shinjuku Gyoen National Park 」and you liked it, then it might be interesting to watch the movie called 「 the Garden of Words (言の葉の庭) 」.

The movie sets in this National Park, so you might find it familliar when you watch it.

This movie is created by Shinkai Makoto (新海誠), the same director who have created “Your Name (君の名は)”.


Details of 「 Shinjuku Gyoen Park 」

Shinjuku Gyoen Dating at Shinjuku[Instagram: @nikenlgunadi]


Opening Hours:
everyday except Monday  9am ~ 4pm

Entree fee: 200yen (2USD)

15min walk from Shinjuku Station
5min walk from Shinjuku Sanchoume Station, Shinjuku Gyoenmae Station