Romantic Bar Date under Millions of Stars at Shirokane『 Planetarium BAR 』

Shirokane Bar Date at Planetarium BAR[Source: Planetarium BAR Official Website]

Romantic Bar Date under Billions of Stars at Shirokane「 Planetarium BAR 」


How about a date under 5 million stars ??

In here at 「 Shirokane Planetarium BAR 」,  they have special planetarium device called 「 MEGASTER ZERO Platinum 」which is one of the best high quality ones around the world.

Usually, it’s not for consumers but for business use, so you can enjoy the real quality here.

Drinking some alcohols under the magnificent starry sky is definitely a good destination to bring her out!

Also, popular drink「 Zodiac Sign Cocktail (1,000 yen) 」will make you suitable cocktail according to your zodiac sign.


Dating Tips at 「 Shirokane Planetarium BAR 」

Planetarium BAR Shirokanedai Bar Date[Instagram: @spacemarketjp]

How was the night sky looked like when you were born?

If you pay 500 yen, you can actually go back to the past and see how the night sky looked like.

How was the night sky looked like when your girl was born, at your anniversary, when you guys met?

Isn’t seeing the night sky of your special day romantic ??

Shirokane Planetarium BAR drink[Source: Tabelog]

Renting this BAR until the opening time

This Planetarium BAR actually opens from 7pm, so until the bar opens, you can rent this room.

It costs 5,400 yen (weekends 10,800 yen) per hour to rent, but you have free access to planetarium, you can bring any food you want for free, and if you want to drink you can order to buy one.

If you want to use it in a special occasion like proposing, anniversary with only to of you, this system might help you to have great atmosphere.


Details of Shirakanedai「 Planetarium 」

Shirokane Dating at Dinner time[Instagram: @dai_vo]


Opening Hours:
Mon ~ Thu 7pm ~ 2am
Fri・Sat  7pm ~ 3am
Sun・Holidays 7pm ~ 12am

Entering fee 500 yen (3USD)
Drink 800 yen ~
Food 600 yen ~

TEL: 03-3440-2595
(Sometimes there is private party, so you should call and check if it’s available for a drink)

3min walk from Shirokanedai Station