Romantic Dinner Date at Ginza Aquarium Dining 『 LIME 』

Ginza LIME aquarium date inside[Source: Tabelog]

Romantic Dinner Date at Ginza Aquarium Dining 「 LIME 」

Getting stressed out in daily life?

Crowded train, unreasonable treatment at work, yes, we are living in a complicated world.

So, for you, what you need is a romantic date.
For your girl, what she needs is a romantic date.

Here at Aquarium Dining「 Ginza LIME 」, you’ll be surrounded by various water tanks with tropical fishes floating inside.

It is one of our best recommendation for dinner dating.

You can just go to have a drink, or to celebrate your girl’s birthday, anniversary would be a perfect idea as well !!


Dating Tips at 「 Ginza Aquarium Dining LIME 」

Ginza Aquarium Dining LIME Dating Spot[Instagram: @barbietiara]

Photogenic drinks at 「 Ginza LIME 」

Here at Aquarium Dining 「 Ginza LIME 」, you’ll find a lot of photogenic drinks that matches pretty well with water tanks and fishes (not cooked ones).

White Peach Spritzer (880 yen)」, which is shown in above, and 「 Special Limoncello Sour (780 yen) 」is recommended.

Especially, Limoncello Sour uses Italian lemon liqueur Limoncello, which is already sour but in here they have added additional whole lemon. It definitely refreshes you.


Kobe Beef Rank A5 Ginza LIME[Source: LIME Official Website ]

Not only atmosphere, but foods are also fabulous


This place is not only a place to enjoy the atmosphere, you can also enjoy their tasty foods.

A5 ranked Kobe Beef Grill (A5 rank Kobe Gyu no Yougan Yaki)2,380yen 」that you can see in the picture above is one of their popular menus.

Also, 「Carpaccio of Vegetables and Seafoods (Umi to Daichi no Carpaccio)1,980 yen」and 「  Grilled Beef outside Skirt with Truffle Source (Gyu Harami no Truffle Cheese Grill)1,380yen」is recommended.

The volume is not much but it’s taste is just FABULOUS.


Details of Aquarium Dining「 Ginza LIME 」

Ginza LIME Date Water Tank[Instagram: @aminnn0520]


Opening Hours:
weekdays 6pm ~ 3:30am
weekends 5pm ~ 3:30am
Holidays 5pm ~ 11:30pm

Budget: 4,000 yen (36USD)

5min walk from Ginza Station
5min walk from Hibiya Station