Shibuya Modern Oden Izakaya Date at『 COZAKURA 』

Oden Cozakura dating at Shibuya inside[Source: Retty]

Modern Japanese Oden Izakaya at Shibuya 「 COZAKURA 」

Oden is one of the Japanese traditional cuisine, which puts various ingredients like vegetables or fish cakes in the soup and boil it for long time.

Usually, the Oden soup(Dashi “出汁”) is made from bonito or seaweed, but in here at 「 Shibuya COZAKURA 」, the soup is made from beef.

It’s not like some other Oden shops, it’s special and adapted to the modern taste.

So, ready to try modern Oden at Shibuya Izakaya「 COZAKURA 」 ?


Dating Tips at Shibuya「 Oden Izakaya COZAKURA 」

Oden Izakaya at Shibuya 「Cozakura」[Source: Retty]

Beef Oden with beef soup (Dashi “出汁”) ?

In here, you’ll find various types of meat Oden as well as traditional ones.

Popular Beef Oden menus are below

  • Beef Tongue (牛タン Gyu-tan)400yen
  • Beef Tendon Stew (牛すじ Gyu-suji)300yen
  • Hamburg Steak (ハンバーグ Hamburg)400yen

Also Rice with beef soup (牛だし茶漬け Gyu-Dashi Cha-duke) 620yen is recommended.


Shibuya Cozakura Oden[Source: Retty]

Japanese SAKE is here

As well as great modern Odens, they offer various kind of Japanese alcohols.

You have Japanese craft beer, distilled spirits (焼酎 Sho-Chu), whiskey, and Sake. They are all made in Japan, and have carefully chosen.

Details of Shibuya Oden Izakaya「 COZAKURA 」

Shibuya ODEN Cozakura Dating Spot[Instagram: @gyudashi]

Opening Hours:
Mon ~ Thu  6pm ~ 0am
Fri・Sat  5pm ~ 1am
Sun  5pm ~ 0am

Budget: 3,000yen (26USD)

TEL: 03-6455-0572

6min walk from Shibuya Station

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