Shinjuku Sexy Exotic Lunch Date at 『 SANAGI (サナギ)』


Shinjuku Exotic Lunch Date at 『 SANAGI (サナギ)』

What kind of date did you have recently??

Was it Izakaya? Aren’t you there for every time? Always same place, same food, same beer?

How about an unusual exotic date at 「 Shinjuku SANAGI 」!
Exotic sexy place, just 1min walk from Shinjuku South East Exit (東南口).

At this place you’ll see a lot of lanterns hanging up from the ceiling, and makes you feel like you are in different country.

If you bring your girl to here, then she would definitely think “OMG, I think I chose the right guy !” 😜

Also, when you come here at lunch time, you can have full meal at 1000 yen (9USD), which is not expensive at all.

Good atmosphere, good price, good location, it’s all good to go!!


Dating tips in Shinjuku 「 SANAGI 」

Shinjuku SANAGI lunch dating pic[Instagram: @_02211998_]

First thing that you have to do when you get here is to find the seat and gets it.

And then you have to go to the counter to order your foods.

It might be nice if you can pay her lunch too, when you can afford extra 1,000 yen.
Because it’s not that expensive and you cannot always ask her to pay her own, sometimes you should pay for her too.

If you think that you can actually enhance her favorability rating by paying 1,000 yen, then I think it’s a good investment.

(But some women don’t prefer to be paid by men, so you have to carefully see if she is willing you to pay or not. Saying “No” at first, is kind of Japanese habit, so you can just ignore it, but if she keep refusing you to pay, then let her pay her meal by her own.)


A bar inside SANAGI

Shinjuku SANAGI DATING[Source: 美味案内]

There is a bar inside 「 Shinjuku SANAGI 」so if you go there at night, you can also enjoy drinks with your girl.

You’ll find this bar at right side of the store. You may think there are a lot of classy drinks here, yes, that’s true but the most popular drink here is SANA CUP SAKE(pic below), and the name comes from it’s store name 「SANAGI」.

As you can see, the cup is so cute, and you can actually bring back this cup to your house! Wow, what a memory !

SANAGI SANA CUP [Source: Yahoo Japan]


4 Restaurants are in 1 place

At SANAGI, you can find 4 restaurants inside where you can enjoy 4 types of different tastes with your girl.

So when you guys argued where to eat, like you want BBQ but your girl wants salad, this is the place where satisfies both of you.

  • Gai Yaang (BBQ style foods restaurant)
  • Tenshin Ranman (Noodle & DIm Sum restaurant)
  • TOKYO CALLING (Sushi & Oden restaurant)
  • RYOKU OU SHOKU JIN SHU (Vegetable foods restaurant)
SHINJUKU lunch dating[Instagram: @are_you_ready_to_order]


Details of Exotic Area 「 Shinjuku SANAGI 」

Shinjuku lunch dating spot SANAGI[Instagram: @arapann]

Opening Hours: 
everyday 11am ~ 11:30pm

Lunch 1,000 yen
Dinner 3,000 yen



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