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Shinjuku Free Romantic Night View Date 『Metropolitan Government Building Observation Deck』

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Shinjuku Free Romantic Date at 202 meters high in the Sky 『Metropolitan Government Building Observation Deck』

Have you ever wondered to have a date in the sky??

Don’t you think it’s gonna be so romantic??

Well, in here in 「Shinjuku Metropolitan Building」, you can actually realize that date and it’s completely FREE !!

Usually, if you want to go to a dating place where you can see the great view, you have to pay money. Like Tokyo Tower, you have to pay around 1500 yen (14USD) per person or if you want to have a dinner date you should have a budget for more than 10,000 yen (90USD) at least.

But in here, again, it’s completely FREE because it’s owned by government, not private company.

And as you can see in the picture, the view is spectacular !!


「Shinjuku Metropolitan Building」 details

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Observation Deck Opening hours:
everyday 9:30am ~ 11pm (last entry 10:30pm)



To go to the observation deck, you need to take an elevator from basement floor.
So if you are walking from Shinjuku Station, you should go beyond Metropolitan building and should enter from Shinjuku Chuo Park side.
I strongly recommend you to go once before dating, so that you wouldn’t get lost. It’s free anyway.

Dating Tips for 「Shinjuku Metropolitan Observation Deck」

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Even though the view is super good, atmosphere is not that special.

So I strongly recommend you to have a dinner at somewhere in Shinjuku before coming here.
And we’ll have a lot of information to support you find restaurants in this website.

But you know, when you have a date at a busy city like Shinjuku, you cannot actually relax to have a talk with your girl.

HOWEVER, from Shinjuku Station to Metropolitan Building, you need to walk for approximately 10 min, and just beside Metropolitan Building, there is a big park called 「Shinjuku Chuo Park」where you can sit and talk or can have a quite walk. (Link HERE)

Again, if your girl was wearing high heels, you should always ask if she is able to walk for a bit, because when you wear a high heels, it always hurt your toes.

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And if you got lost, try to find this twin tower.
You can find quite easily when you are in Shinjuku.

But to make sure, it’s always better to go once before you’ll have a date.
Because, I’m pretty sure that girls doesn’t want to see you getting lost and confused haha

And also it’s a bit to difficult to find the elevator to go to the Observation Deck.

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Thank you for reading this article all the through to here!!

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So keep updated ! And find more possible places to go on a date!