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South East Asian Ethnic Dining Date at Tokyo『Monsoon Cafe』

Monsoon Tokyo Dating Tom Yum[Source: Tabelog]


「Monsoon Cafe」 is quite famous restaurant among ethnic food lovers. They have couple of branches all around Japan including places in Shibuya, Omotesando, and Ebisu in Tokyo.

All those places has East Asian atmosphere inside by using wall papers, interiors, indoor plants. So not only foods they offer, but also their atmosphere will make the date exceptional.

Tokyo Dating Tips at Asian ethnic cuisine「Monsoon Cafe」

Monsoon Cafe dating foods Thailand[Source: Tabelog]

Ethnic Asian foods


As we mentioned, they have several branches all around Japan, so the menu might change a bit, but mainly those foods are inspired by cuisines from Thailand, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Popular menus are below…..

  • Thailand shrimp toast  300yen
  • Monsoon Fried Chicken  800yen
  • “Tom Yum Kung”  Thailand hot and sour soup
    half 700yen
    regular  1,350yen
  • Thai Chicken Green Curry   950yen



Monsoon Nodles dating tokyo[Source: Tabelog]

Vietnamese noddle “PHO noodle”


In winter season, they have “PHO noodle fair” where you can enjoy different taste of Pho noodles that changes everyday.

In 2018, they had Pho noodles like below…

  • Vegetable Pho
  • Tom Yum Kung Pho
  • Super spicy Pho
  • DAN DAN Pho

So when you have luckily encountered this Pho fair, it would be interesting to try out various kinds of Pho noodles.


Monsoon Tom Yum Kum Thailand date spot[Source: Tabelog]

Tom Yum Kung is something you can’t miss


Even though the menu slightly varies among each branch, popular menu “Tom Yum Kung” exist in all of those restaurants.

Tom Yum Kung is major soup from Thailand that can found in almost all the Thailand restaurants in Tokyo. But “Tom Yum Kung” in here uses special spices and ingredients that realizes real Thailand taste.

Details of Tokyo「Monsoon Cafe」

Monsoon cafe outside tokyo dating[Source: Tabelog]

Shibuya 「Monsoon Cafe」

11:30am ~ 3pm
5:30pm ~ 12pm
11:30am ~ 12pm

Google Map

Ebisu「Monsoon Cafe」

[Sun ~ Thu]
11:30am ~ 12:30pm
11:30am ~ 3am

Google Map

Omotesando「Monsoon Cafe」

11:30am ~ 1am

Google Map

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