Special Anniversary Cake & Posh Dinner at『Madison New York Kitchen』

Madison New York Kitchen anniversary cake tokyo[Instagram: @t___saki76]

Special Anniversary Cake & Posh Dinner at「Madison New York Kitchen」


「Madison New York」in Ebisu, Tokyo is now becoming famous in Instagram, mainly because their anniversary cerebration cake is super photogenic.

As you can see in the picture above, their anniversary cake has red big lip designed name plate on top of the cake, with white chocolate decoration on the side.

This patisserie order made cake is included in the birthday course (4,500yen) that also includes other 6 food dishes and sparkling wine.

Those plans are available for limited number of groups per day, so reservation is necessary to celebrate. (Telephone number at the end of this article)


Dating Tips at 「Madison New York Kitchen」

Madison New York Steat Tokyo Dating[Source: Tabelog]

Foods are good !

Yes, we admit that the main thing in here is gorgeous photogenic anniversary cake, but they also provide great food dishes to enjoy.

They have various kind of salad as a main dish, which will definitely loved by healthy thinking girls, and steaks, grills, pastas as well.


Madison New York Dining Ebisu French Toast Date Tokyo[Instagram: @akubisan]

At lunch time, you can find one of the best French toast in Tokyo.

It takes a bit of time to prepare, but it’s not too sweet and has enough moisture, which makes the dish spectacular.


Madison New York Kitchen Inside Date Tokyo[Source: Tabelog]

Atmosphere is always important

As well as great anniversary cake, great food, if you come here at Ebisu「Madison New York Kitchen」, you’ll also find a great atmosphere.

Classy sofa seats, warm lights, high ceiling, some green plants. All of those elements are comfortably harmonizing, and making a good place to come as a date.


Details of  Ebisu「Madison New York Kitchen 」

Madison New York Kitchen Tokyo Date spot[Instagram: @cococafe39]

Opening Hours:

[Mon ~ Thu・Sun]
11:30am ~ 12pm
11:30am ~ 3am




Lunch 1,500yen (12USD)
Dinner 5,000yen (45USD)


Official Website 「Madison New York Kitchen」


3min walk from Ebisu Station

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