Super Healthy Lunch Date at 『 NOUKA no DAIDOKORO (農家の台所)』in Shinjuku

Shinjuku NOUKA no DAIDOKORO dating spot[Source: gnavi]

Super Healthy Lunch Date at

Shinjuku『 NOUKA no DAIDOKORO (農家の台所)』

Do you want to go for a date with super healthy thinking girl??

Are you looking for some place where you can eat fresh salad as much as you want??

Then this place would be perfect for you!!

At 『NOUKA no DAIDOKORO (農家の台所)』, as you can see in the picture above, you can have a salad buffet that has more than 10 types of fresh vegetables.

農家の台所 新宿[Instagram: @noukanodaidokoro_shinjuku3]

What they care is the quality of the vegetables, so they have direct contract with certified farmers to get fresh and rare vegetables.

In their website, it’s says “the Restaurant for vegetables”, not “Restaurant for customers”, and that’s how much they care about vegetables. Maybe, your girl loves vegetables more, but we are sure that those vegetables can satisfy your girl’s desire!

Beside, they offer some rare strange vegetables too, so you might encounter the most delicious vegetable in your life that you have never seen before.

Dating Tips in 「  NOUKA no DAIDOKORO 」

shinjuku salad date spot NOUKA no DAIDOKORO[Instagram: @yuna.n_n.34]

If you want to go for a date with a girl who have started yoga or started to go to gym to loose weight, that’s the best opportunity to ask her out to here.

Vegetarian girl, yoga addicted girl, model girl, jogger girl would love this place as well, but if you are trying to go to a date with a girl who has no interest to vegetables, then this might not the right place to go.

But don’t worry, even if their main is salad buffet, they still have other dishes that you can order like stone grilled meats and fishes.

We think it’s one of the best place in Shinjuku to have a lunch, but if you are searching for a restaurant to have dinner, maybe you could find better choice in our website.

You know we have lot more options to support planning your exceptional date!!

But this restaurant is actually very popular among people who really likes vegetables, so when you decided to enjoy vegetables in here, it would be better to make a reservation, especially in the holidays or weekends.

TEL: 03-3226-4831

If you are not confident with Japanese ask your friends or coworkers to help you.


Details of Shinjuku「 NOUKA no DAIDOKORO 」

Shinjuku NOUKAnoDAIDOKORO salad date[Source: gnavi]

Opening Hours: (be careful, it’s complicated)
Weekdays Lunch 11am ~ 3:30pm (Last order 14:30)
Weekdays Dinner 6pm ~ 11pm
Saturday 5:30pm ~ 11pm
Sunday 5:30pm ~ 10:30pm

Lunch  1500 yen (13USD)
Dinner  4500 yen (40USD)

7min walk from Shinjuku Station
0min walk from Shinjuku-Sanchome Station

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