Superb Pastas! Italian Dining Bar Date at Ebisu 『NOSTALGIE』

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Superb Pastas! Italian Dining Bar Date at Ebisu 「NOSTALGIE」


In here at Tokyo Ebisu, we have a great Italian restaurant that are famous for superb pastas. The place known as 「NOSTALGIE」has featured in famous television program called  “Hiru-Nandesu(ヒルナンデス)” .

You know Ebisu, one of the luxurious city in Tokyo, has high competition of Italian restaurants, but among all, this place 「NOSTALGIE」is ranked as one of the best Italian restaurant in Ebisu according to Japanese restaurants rating website.


Details at Tokyo Ebisu 「NOSTALGIE」

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What are the popular pasta menus?

They have various kind of main dishes and pastas, but the most popular ones are the ones below. 

  • 「Lemon creme sourced linguine 1,380yen 」(pic above)
  • 「Tomato creme spaghetti with fresh sea urchin 1,570yen 」(pic at the top of this article)

Those 2 pastas are the ones that were introduced in the famous TV program called “Hiru-Nandesu”. And mostly loved by women customers with a lot of repeaters.


Side menu Ebisu dating Tokyo[Source: Tabelog]

Don’t forget the side dishes


But it’s not only known as the famous pasta shop, the side-dishes that they offer, is also loved by many people.

One of the popular dishes is 「Fish and shell cake with tartar sauce 1,180yen」as you can see in the pic above.

It’s taste is of course superb, but the well-designed shape is also the reason why this dish is loved by many people.

As well as those a la carte menus, they have course menus that starts from 3,000yen till around 5,000yen. So it might be a good idea to take a course menu, if you want to enjoy various dishes.


Details of Tokyo Ebisu 「NOSTALGIE」

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Opening Hours:

[Mon ~ Thu]
6pm ~ 2am
6pm ~ 3am
6pm ~ 11pm


4,000yen (36USD)




Official Website 「NOSTALGIE」


5min walk from Ebisu Station

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