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The BEST French Toast in Shinjuku 『 Cafe AALIYA 』

Shinjuku Cafe AALIYA[Instagram: @ baronpoupee]


The BEST French Toast in Shinjuku 『 Cafe AALIYA 』


How about a little break at French toast specialized cafe 「 AALIYA 」??

I’m telling you, this store doesn’t have variety of menu beside French toast, so if you want to eat various things, you can go to another place.

HOWEVER, if you are fine with only eating French toast, this is the right place to go in Shinjuku !

The French toast here is SUPER FLUFFY inside, but little crispy outside. Once you eat the French toast in here, you cannot go to  other places.

Shinjuku AALIYA outside[Instagram: @ alia_alsuwaidi]


Dating Tips at 「 Cafe AALIYA 」

At「 Cafe AALIYA 」 you’ll find steep stairs at the entrance.

When she is wearing high heels, you should definitely go first and take her hand if it’s necessary. or even if she’s not wearing high heel you should do so, if it’s necessary.

Most of the girls like it when they are treated as a girl, but Japanese boys are shy, so not everyone can escort properly. And that’s how you differentiate from other Japanese boys.

[Source: Tabelog]


When you go here at lunch time (11am ~ 2:45pm) you can find “lunch menu” for less than 1,000 yen (9USD), which consist of French toast, drink and salad or soup.

So, it might be a good idea to come here at lunch time.

[Instagram: @macorisu]



Details of 「 Cafe AALIYA 」

Shinjuku AALIYA inside pic[Source: Tabelog]


Opening Hours:
Friday  10am ~ 11pm (last order 10:30pm)
Other days  10am ~ 10:30pm (last order 10pm)

Budget: 1,000 yen (9USD)

6min from Shinjuku Station
1min from Shinjuku Sanchome Station


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