The Best Restaurants to Enjoy Music Live Performance Dinner Date in Tokyo

Dating Music Tokyo Dinner live performance[Source: Pixabay]


Having a dinner date with “Music Live Performance” is one of the best dinner dating ideas among many.

Bringing her to the place where you can enjoy jazz music, breathtaking view, delicious food would definitely make her appreciated and possibly skyrockets your image.

This article would introduce to you one of the best restaurants in Tokyo for dating destination where you can enjoy live music performance.

Tokyo Live Music Performance Restaurants

Tokyo Artist’s Cafe 【Tokyo, Suidoubashi】

[Source: Tabelog]

【Tokyo Artist’s Cafe】is located on the 43rd floor of Tokyo Dome Hotel, which is above 150m in the sky.

They have Italian foods like the pic below, couple seats like the pic above, and most importantly music live performances every day. The artists change every day, so not only jazz but you can also enjoy different kinds of music.

[Source: Tabelog]


Store name Tokyo Artist’s Cafe
Opening Hours 【Lunch】
11:30pm – 2:30pm
【Tea Time】
2:30pm – 6pm
6pm – 11pm
Music LIVE Performance 7pm ~ 7:30pm
8:30pm ~ 9pm
9:45pm ~ 10:15pm
Budget Lunch & Tea Time  3,000yen (26USD)
Dinner  5,000yen (45USD)
TEL 03-5805-2243
Official Website Tokyo Artist’s Cafe
Google Map


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CONRAD Twenty Eight 【Tokyo, Shiodome】

CONRAD tokyo twenty eight bar Tokyo dating[Source: Tabelog]

At Shiodome, there is a classy bar called 「CONRAD Tokyo Twenty Eight」which is located on the 28th floor of one of the most luxurious hotel, CONRAD Hotel Tokyo, with breathtaking night view with an extensive selection of cocktails, beers, spirits, and whiskeys.

As you can see it in the pic below, it’s more like a bar where you can enjoy jazz live music rather than a restaurant.

CONRAD Tokyo Dating Bar drinks[Instagram: @mikiworldiva]
Store name CONRAD Twenty Eight
Opening Hours 【Tea Time】   9am ~ 5pm
【Bar Time】   5pm ~ 12pm
Music LIVE Performance 8pm   ~ 8:40pm
9pm   ~ 9:40pm
10pm ~ 10:40pm
11pm ~ 11:40pm
Budget Tea time  4,000yen (36USD)
Bar time  5,500yen (50USD)
TEL 03-6388-8745
Location Google Map
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Ore no Italian Jazz 【Tokyo, Ginza】

Tokyo Dating Ginza Ore no Italian Live performance[Instagram: @rm_footsteps]

【Ore no Italian Jazz】is one of the “Ore no ~ ” restaurant series, where they provide high-quality food at a relatively low price like the pic below.

Ore no Italian Ginza Shinbashi Tokyo Dating[Instagram:]


Since other “Ore no ~” restaurants don’t provide any live music performances, this 【Ore no Italian Jazz】in Ginza is the special restaurant where you can actually enjoy jazz music live.

Great food with great live music performance in here should be the first choice when you have a date at Ginza.

Store name Ginza Ore no Italian Jazz
Opening Hours 【Lunch】 12am ~ 2:30pm
【Dinner】 5pm ~ 11:30pm
Music LIVE performance 6pm ~ 6:20pm
7:40pm ~ 8pm
8:50pm ~ 9:10pm
10pm ~ 10:20pm
Budget Lunch 1,000yen (9USD)
Dinner 4,000yen (36USD)
TEL 03-6280-6266
Location Google Map
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Mexican music live restaurant Tokyo Harajuku Omotesando[Source: Tabelog]

This place 【FONDA DE LA MADRUGADA】 in Harajuku is a bit different from other music live performance restaurants that we have mentioned above.

While other places are focused on more calm music like jazz or classic, in here, you can enjoy real cheerful Latin music with real Mexican local artist 「Mariachi」.

going out for a date at FONDA DE LA MADRUGADA[Instagram: @hoso_ken]

With real Mexican dishes…

FONDA DE LA MADRUGADA Mexican food at Tokyo going out[Instagram: @nobuyukiochiai]


Opening Hours 【Lunch】
11:30am ~ 3:30pm【Dinner】
Mon ~ Thu・Sun
5:30pm ~ 2am
5:30 ~ 5am
Music LIVE performance 6:30pm ~
Budget Lunch 2,000yen (18USD)
Dinner 6,000yen (54USD)
TEL 03-5410-6288
Location Google Map
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VAGABOND 【Shinjuku, Tokyo】

Jazz Live Bar【VAGABOND】is not a restaurant but a historical bar where it’s located in the center of Tokyo, Shinjuku.

This bar has started its operation in 1976, and since the previous owner was a big fan of modern artist Kei Hiraga who had his paintings exhibited at one of the famous museums like “The Museum of Modern Art, New York” or “The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo”.

Thus, this is the best place to enjoy, some alcohols, modern art, and jazz live music performance.

Store name VAGABOND
Opening Hours 5pm ~ 11:30pm
Music LIVE performance 7pm ~ 7:30pm
8pm ~ 8:30pm
9pm ~ 9:30pm
10pm ~ 10:30pm
Location Google Map


So How About A Music Live Performance Dinner Date in Tokyo??


These are the best places to bring your girl for dating in Tokyo.

Some of them are a bit expensive, but having music live performance on a dinner date will definitely enhance your perception from your girl.

Or taking her to one of those music live dinner as an anniversary, would be a great idea as well.

We hope you have found some favorable place to take her out!