The Moments when Japanese Women recognizes you are Gentleman

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If you ask a Japanese woman “What kind of man is your ideal?”, then a lot of women will say “Well, I like gentle man. ”

“Gentle man” or “man who has compassion”, “man who cares about you”, is apparently the most popular kind of guy in Japan. 

But, to become a gentle man, what exactly men can do?

Here are some real episodes from Japanese women interviewed by Japanese medias.

Gentle man is someone who stays with her at difficult times

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(40year-old, JPN woman)
(40year-old, JPN woman)

Have you ever heard that the one who came to you when you are in trouble is the best friend?

Actually, when someone is in trouble, it’s difficult for us to keep in touch. So when you are in serious situation, people often become alone.

So, supporting in those difficult times is truly difficult, and when a man came to me and tried to support me, might become “the one” for me.


Everyone is already busy to deal with our own problems.

But when she is getting depressed or having serious trouble, and if a man can help her out, she would recognize your sincerely.

The words like 「I’m always on your side」or 「I’m here to help you out」will encourage every girls.


Behavior towards others

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Last time we met, I saw a blind man who are holding white stick. I recognized him but my boyfriend, without thinking, went towards him and helped him to go to different train platform.

He just didn’t hesitate at all, but on the other hand, I thought “Maybe, someone will help him out”, or “Is he really need help, he might just be standing there.”

When I saw my boy friend helping him, I was impressed by his kindness and I realized that I’ve chosen the right guy.


The kindness doesn’t necessary be direct to your girlfriend.

By genuinely helping others, or playing with kids, feeding pets, will show her how much gentleness you have.

Gentleman is a Caring Person

Gentleman Carry a bag instead of woman Tokyo Dating[Source: Pixabay]


One of the major thing that girls would appreciate is when boys take her bags to carry. Not her hand bag with wallet inside, but some bags like her second bag, or a plastic bag when coming back from supermarket.

Carrying heavy things instead of her would be a big appeal action.

It might be to obvious, but in those situations girls again realizes that you are a man, instead of just a friend or boyfriend.

I like gentleman who cares about me, rather than good looking man who doesn’t care about me at all.


Also, it’s obvious but walking the roadway side to protect her from splash or cars, and taking her hand when using stairs if she is wearing high-heels, would be considered as gentleman.


「When he apologize to me first, even though I was wrong」

Tokyo Dating sorry apologize gentle man[Source: Pixabay]


I think people who can admit their fault and can apologize is mature and attractive.


When you have a fight, usually, it’s not only her fault. Both should have some responsibilities regardless of who started it.

So by admitting own fault and apologize about it, would be considered as a gentleman.

So,,, do you think you are considered as a gentleman from Japanese girls??


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