The Spiciest Ramen in Japan? At Shinjuku『 Mouko Tanmen NAKAMOTO』

Mouko Tanmen Moko Tanmen Shinjuku Spicy Noodle[Instagram: @gkumamura]

The Spiciest Ramen in Japan? Hot Date at Shinjuku『 Mouko Tanmen NAKAMOTO』


Are you a spicy food lover ??

Well this place at Mouko Tanmen NAKAMOTO 」, you can have one of the spiciest noodle in Japan.

Their Ramen is not only spicy, but also super tasty, so thats why it became one of the most famous ramen shop as well.

Of course, spicy food lovers come here often but actually this place has the power to make ordinary people become spicy food lover.

So, maybe we can say that this place is the factory of spicy food lover😜


Dating Tips of 「 Mouko Tanmen NAKAMOTO 」

Ramen Nakamoto spiest ramen Japan[Instagram: @hiroshi_777]

So what should beginners order??

There are levels of spiciness in each menu from 0 ~ 10.

The most popular menu “Mouko Tanmen(蒙古タンメン)800yen” has level 5 of spiciness.

The least is “Shio Tanmen (塩タンメン)750yen”, which has level 0, and the most is “the North Pole Ramen(北極ラーメン)830yen” which has level 9.

If it is the first time to come here just don’t try more than level5. Our recommendation “Mouko Tanmen” has level 5, but I’m pretty sure that has enough spiciness for the most of humans.


Mouko Tanmen Shinjuku lining up[Instagram: @xtsukasax1]

Avoid the long line

Not always, but sometimes they have long line in front of their store, so it takes like 20min to enter.

So it might be a better idea to come with enough free time, instead of coming here when you are in rush.

Or you should avoid the crowded time like in the middle of weekdays lunch time.

If you have a long line after you, then you might feel pressure from your back saying hurry up and finish your meal. But you know, eating hot and spicy food in a rush is quite difficult.


Details of the spiciest ramen shop「 Mouko Tanmen NAKAMOTO 」Shinjuku

Mouko tanmen Spicy Lovers Shinjuku[Instagram: @hajimail02]

Opening Hours:

everyday 11am ~ 12pm (midnight)




7min walk from Shinjuku Station

Google Map


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