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Tokyo Otaku Date at『Nakano Broadway』

Tokyo Otaku Date at『Nakano Broadway』

[Source: Nakano Broadway official website]

How about a date in Nakano Broadway ?

Nakano Broadway is known as the place for Japanese pop culture and「Holy place of Subculture」.

In here you can find a lot of stores selling old mangas, toys, cosplays and animes. Old mean really old. But those things are definitely the things that became the base of present pop culture.

Nowadays, not only collectors but there are a lot of foreign people come to glimpse the world of old Japan.

As well as those ancient treasures, there are classy cafes, fashion stores, famous ice cream shop to make your date enjoyable!!


Oataku Store 「Mandarake」

[Instagram: @hmmmmmmm_ymmt]

As I mentioned, Nakano Broadway is the place of Otaku, and simply the store 「Madarake」is making the most of it.

In here you’ll find 27 Mandarake stores, each has the speciality like Cosplays, Mangas, and so on.

It might not be interesting if your girl is not Otaku, but if she has interest in Japanese pop culture or subculture, she will definitely love it!!

Fashion street 「Petite Paris」

[Source: tokyolucci]

Petite Paris」 literally means “little Paris”, so in B1F of Nakano Broadway, you’ll find some fashion stores.

It’s not big, it’s not so classy, but there are some original brands, and thankfully the price is not high at all.

If your girl finds some favorite thing, you should buy it for her to save it as a good memory 😍


Rest in designer’s cafe 「Bar Zingaro」

[Instagram: @ssoufuku]

If your girl seems tired in this date, lets take a break at cafe「Bar Zingaro」.

It says “bar” but it’s actually a classy “cafe” where you can order coffee, shaved ice, or even burgers! (But don’t eat shaved ice, because you have better ice cream at Nakano Broadway.)

The menu is written in English as well, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Opening hours:
Sun~Thu: 11am~9pm
Fri・Sat・Holidays: 11am~11pm

Location: 2nd Floor (2F)

Jumbo Soft Serve Ice Cream!! 「Daily Chico」

[Instagram: @mt920618]

Finally, this the most famous ice cream in Nakano Broadway!!

If you are having date in Nakano Broadway, you cannot miss this thing.
It’s just fabulous and you’ll never forget it.

Opening hours:
Everyday: 10am~8pm

Location: Basement floor (B1F)

For detail of this awesome soft serve ice cream see the link below…

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To make the date successful…

So if you read all through to here, you’ll know there are a lot of awesome places in Nakano Broadway. If your girl has some perspective of Otaku and so do you, then this date would be awesome!!

But be careful, if your girl doesn’t like any pop culture and subculture, then you shouldn’t focus on Mandarake too much, or maybe it’s a better idea to find another dating spot.

You’ll have a lot of choices to go, and we have a bunch of information to support you.

So keep updated!!!