Wonder at the World of Alice in Wonderland. Shinjuku『Alice in Fantasy Book』

Alice in Wonderland Cafe Tokyo Shinjuku Disney[Source: Alice in Fantasy Book Official]

Going out for a Date at the World of “Alice in Wonderland”? Shinjuku『Alice in Fantasy Book』

「Alice in Wonderland」, a book written by Charles Lutwidge Dodgsonis in 1865, is now known by people all around the world mostly due to the film published by Disney.

Shinjuku 「Alice in Fantasy Book」, is the restaurant where it is designed like the world of Alice in Wonderland, and it has attracted many girls and boys who are living in Tokyo area.

So are you ready to get lost at the world of “Alice in Wonderland”??

Tokyo Dating Tips at Shinjuku「Alice in Fantasy Book」

Cheshire Cat Alice in wonderland cafe pasta[Instagram: @151cm40kg]

Wonder at Alice in Wonderland dishes

When you come here, you’ll see a lot of dishes, drinks, objects, that are inspired from 「Alice in Wonderland」.

At the entrance, you’ll find a playing card warrior standing beside the reception.

Because the menu changes constantly, we never know what is actually there at the time when you come here, but if you are lucky (maybe in weekend lunch menu) you’ll find a pasta inspired by the Alice in Wonderland’s character Cheshire Cat (pic above) or some original drinks that will make you wonder.

Alice in Wonderland shinjku drink[Instagram: @rlkm_cam]


Alice in Wonder Book Fantasy Disney Rabbit[Instagram: @yumiii__25]

“Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!”

Also, when you are arrive you can ask to have a white rabbit head band, and actually become “White Rabbit” from Alice in Wonderland.

Even it might be embarrassing for boys, having those head band together and taking some photos will become a good memory.

Details of Alice in Wonderland designed restaurant, Shinjuku「Alice in Fantasy Book」

Alice in Fantasy book restaurant shinjuku[Instagram: @mari_hiro]

Opening Hours:

5pm ~ 11:30pm
Lunch 11:30am ~ 3pm
Dinner 4pm ~ 11:30pm




Lunch 2,000yen (18USD)
Dinner 4,500yen (40USD)


5min walk from Shinjuku Station

Google Map

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