You’ve time travelled to Edo-era? Dining Date at Ikebukuro『landooz』

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A little walk from crowded Ikebukuro station, this place 「landooz」is in a quiet street where shrines and houses lines up.

The foods are hand-made but not that pricy but the most important part to mention is their interiors.

Almost all the pillars are made from old but well polished trees. Those trees are making the place chic and calm, which makes you feel like you’ve gone back to 1800s.


Tokyo Dating Tips at Ikebukuro「landooz」

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Hot plate menus must be ordered


Their popular menus are hot plate dishes.

It’s kind of rare to have some foods served by those hot plates, but that makes the outdated atmosphere more real.

Here are some recommended menus…

  • Well cooked beef tongue stew (1,390yen)
  • Whole squid grill (1,390yen)
  • Mushroom grill (750yen)


Tokyo world beer Ikebukuro old dining landooz[Source: Hitosara]

World wide beers!


Good news for alcohol lovers. They provide about 30 types of various beers from all around the world like Mexico, Belgium, Scotland and of course from Japan.

Not only beers, but they also have bunch of Sake and cocktails. Don’t drink too much, you have no chance to complete all the alcohols at once. There is too much types.


landooz tokyo dating Ikebukuro inside[Source: landooz official]

Find your favorite seats


There are a lot of seat types in this restaurant. Loft room like the picture above is one example.

In that seat you’ll have a Japanese traditional small circle table in the middle, which is called “Chabu Dai” in Japanese.

Each seat has characteristics, so it might be interesting to find your favorite place to sit.


Tokyo Ikebukuro「landooz」

landooz ikebukuro restaurant[Source: Tabelog]

Opening Hours:

[Almost everyday]
4pm ~ 12pm


3,000yen (26USD)




5min walk from Ikebukuro Station

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